2021 State of the Press Release

Which Action Verbs Should You Use in a Headline?

Now that you know the optimal length of a headline, let’s dig into some of the most commonly used action verbs in press release headlines and their relationship to views on PRNewswire.com.

“Announce” is clearly a favored word to use, but when it comes to views, readers seem to collectively shrug their shoulders when they see it in a headline.

“Launch” is another ubiquitous headline word, but its performance relative to its use is more closely aligned.

“Show” and “rolls out” aren’t widely used in press release headlines, but the data indicate that they should be due to the popularity of the releases that use them.

Finally, “allow” and “reveal” seem to be the dark horses of the bunch. Perhaps the intrigue these words provoke has readers clicking to see what the brands are allowing and revealing.

What is “Normal” Now?

The idea of “getting back to normal” is a concept that many are pining for, yet it seems clear that the definition of “normal” has permanently changed. As the world continues to evolve as a result of the pandemic, the values and priorities of customers, investors and employees have changed as well. Consequently, the messages corporations are sending out reflect these changes.

It’s apparent that diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) are becoming increasingly popular subjects in society, and companies are communicating their commitment to those issues.