One landing page to rule them all.

Multiple channels to send it to!

Multichannel News Releases (MNRs) are the online HQ for your next campaign, announcement, or product launch. We’ll build you a customized, branded landing page to house your content (text or press release, photos, video, supporting content, links to social, etc.).

THEN we’ll distribute that landing page via several channels to reach both journalists and consumers:

Wire terminals in TV, radio, and news stations

Online databases and news channel sites

Social media to reach influencers

10,000 pageview paid audience traffic

Times Square digital outdoor sign

Full reporting of results in our Dashboard

" The Blanquil products are designed to help people rest and relax. We feel who better to donate to and focus our efforts on than those risking their lives to save others being first responders and health care workers? MultiVu, through its distribution channels, helped our company effectively reach more audiences, including the media and consumers. With over 12,000 unique page views to our Multichannel News Release webpage and over 700 click throughs directly to our key landing pages, we saw the value of an earned and paid media deployment of our story."

– David Fuchs, co-founder and marketing director for BlanQuil

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