Agriculture Timeline

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Module Builder

The cotton Module Builder is developed under Cotton Incorporated sponsorship, and licensed to be built and sold. This invention changes the face of the cotton harvesting landscape, resulting in a chain of improvements and cost savings across the farm-to-gin process.

Late 1970s

National Boll Weevil Eradication Program

The eradication involved three main techniques: laying of pheromone traps to detect boll weevils;  reducing the weevil's food supply; and insecticide applications.


Weather-Based Irrigation

Technology introduced across industry  to  adjust irrgiation schedules based  on weather and cotton plant water needs.


Conservation Tillage

Cotton growers begin adopt conservation tillage to reduce erosion and improve soil health.


Biotech Cotton

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) protein incorporated into cotton varieties increasing, pest resistance and helping minimize the use of insecticides and reducing their associated costs to growers and the environment.

Ultra-low Gossypol Cottonseed

The company begins supporting research into ways to increase the value of cottonseed through the elimination of gossypol in the seed, but not the stalk and leaves where it performs as a nautral pest deterrent.


Mapping Cotton Genome

The company faciliates the coordinated efforts of research scientists around the world to successfully map the cotton genome.  The accomplishment is acknowledged as a benefit to traditional and traditional variety breeding;  estimated to reduce the commercial availability timeline by 50%.