Media Relations | Assignment Desk
Broadcast Analytics | Media Buying & Distribution

Media Relations

Our experienced in-house Media Relations team craft story angles that resonate in today’s media landscape. 


We cultivate and nurture our contact lists through daily one-on-one pitching and consistent outreach and follow-up, delivering quality stories to the media that impact our daily lives. Whether pitching a Virtual or Satellite Media Tour, Radio or Podcast interviews or managing an Influencer campaign, our team is your access point to today’s journalists and influencers.

Assignment Desk

Productions can be complicated and navigating the world of Broadcast PR can be daunting. Enter our Assignment Desk team...


...who work to ensure that all the technical aspects are taken care of, enabling your media tour to run smoothly and effortlessly. From securing satellite space and studios, to designing the set for the perfect shot, to expertly juggling multiple live interviews, this team works with you to create the best possible look and feel for your media tour while handling all of the moving parts that come with live TV. 

Measuring the success of your broadcast campaign often comes down to just a few metrics – who saw or heard your story, in what markets and when.


Our Broadcast Analytics & Reporting Team works on your campaign after it happens, collecting relevant data from various sources to keep you informed on how your story has performed across media channels.

  • TVEyes Reporting

Media Buying
& Distribution

We perform custom media buying based on clients’ specific targeting parameters and budgets, for distribution across TV, Radio, Out of Home (OOH) and Digital.


We can geo-target audiences on a local or national level, whether they’re watching regular TV, Connected TV (like Apple TV or Roku) listening to local radio or on streaming platforms like Pandora and Spotify, and even when they’re not at home. When you want to get your message out to the masses, our skilled media buying team knows where the audiences are and how to reach them.

  • Connected TV (Full Episode Player)
  • Pre-Roll
  • Audio News Releases
  • Custom Media Buys(TV & Radio) →
  • DirecTV Placements
  • OOH (Physician’s Waiting Rooms, Taxi TV, Ride Share TV, Gyms, Gas Station TV)