Campaign Central – MultiVu’s Communications Hub

When your campaign needs to be low-maintenance, fast, and functional

Our Communications Hub is the online HQ for your next campaign. We’ll build you a branded landing page to house content (press releases, multimedia assets, you name it) over an accelerated period of time. It’s an efficient solution for a general campaign, crisis communications, or healthcare campaign…and even works for internal comms.

When Comms Hubs?

Perhaps you’re experiencing a scenario like this:

  • Your communications strategy is outpacing your IT team’s bandwidth.
  • Your company is celebrating a national awareness month/week and need a short-term, updatable, and branded web destination to host content.
  • Your clients are getting inundated with emails. You want to be there without being overwhelming.
  • Your MultiVu campaign has completed and you need a place to house all deliverables so journalists, consumers, internal teams can access it later.

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