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Interactive content puts your audience in the driver’s seat, letting them navigate your content on their terms. In addition to the engaging experience, interactive content collects data on each touchpoint, helping marketers understand what the audience found to be most helpful and what might need more work.

By transforming your content – your story – into one that can be watched, listened to, taken as a quiz, calculated, made into a contest – you’ve taken simple words on a page and found a way to emotionally connect with the viewer. It creates a way for customers to begin to tell us about their thoughts and feelings. As our audience more interacts with the content, we learn how they assess themselves or a topic or brand, what questions they nail – and what they miss. This is all data that would be lost if we only tracked views, clicks, and shares.

Take our client Raynaud’s Association as an example. We built a Catalyst interactive quiz for viewers to their site to assess if they might have Raynaud’s. Here were the results:

“While we always see a seasonal boost between September and October months, what the numbers demonstrate is that the lift in October traffic after we started using MNRs nearly doubled in 2018 (up 103% vs. 59%). Adding the [Catalyst interactive] quiz in 2019, the boost more than doubled again (up 240% vs. 103%)!”

– Lynn Wunderman, founder and chair of Raynaud’s Association.

With the small data gathered from interactive content, you can finally provide some context to the big data of clicks, views, and shares. Your data, marketing, and analytics teams can work together to look at a more complete picture of what you’ve learned about your audience. Then, you can build a program that is people-centric, leading your messaging with insight from how your customers think and feel.

By the Numbers

Not sure you’re convinced? Here’s some stats you may find helpful:

  • By adding interactive content to their marketing mix, SnapApp customers average 50% Engagement Rates and 40% Lead Conversion Rates (1)
  • Interactive content such as apps, assessments, calculators, configurators and quizzes generate conversions at a 2x higher rate than passive content. – Demand Metric, Enhancing the Buyer’s Journey (2)

(1)“How Customers Think, Feel, and Act: The Paradigm of Business Outcomes” A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by FocusVision, June 2019. Accessed January 2020.

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